What to do When One doesn’t have Sherry Vinegar


There are times when one is cooking and might need substitutes for sherry vinegar. This might occur because the cook just wants to use up what is already in the kitchen rather than getting new supplies.

It is perfectly acceptable to use raspberry vinegar as an option. It has a fruity taste that is similar to the sweetness of sherry.

However, one might not have raspberry vinegar on hand either. So another option is to create a mixture. Use three parts red wine vinegar to one part sherry. This will actually make a liquid that tastes very similar to sherry vinegar.

It’s difficult to find sherry vinegar as it comes from Spain, so cooks might be scrambling to find the next best thing. Any type of wine vinegar will do the trick in a pinch, and a cook usually does have one of these vinegars in hearty supply in the kitchen pantry.